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12 Adventure Sports and Crazy Destinations in India

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India is a marvelous country & vast geographical diversity. These country offer a vast decorate of adventure activities. The mountains, beaches, oceans, deserts, forests all are present a great opportunities for adventure sports.

Wikipedia has mentioned that action sports, adventure sports or extreme sports are activities involving a high degree drama of risk. These activities involve speed, height, high level of physical extraction, & highly specialized gear.

In this articles I am going to talk about India, and it’s hidden adventure sports and crazy destinations. The destinations are not famous for only theme based adventure sports, but a combination of adventure activities.

Here are my list of 12 favorite Adventure Sports & Destinations.



River rafting in India has emerged as one of the most popular sports. Rifting is not 100% safe as well as an amazing sports. It will be always be a Newspaper & the Media to sensationalise adventure accidents& water rafting is no exception. Its provides a great exotic location for tourist who love peaceful ,enjoying & also believe in hardcore adventure activities.

More than hundred number of operates that operate to the rafting opportunities. It is a funfilled activity.

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Did you know ? Animals are washed out to sea & reach other part of the world while floating a large number of vegetation mats. This is also called RAFTING.

Top 5 River Rafting Destination to add your Bucket list 

Rishikesh , Ladakh , Sikkim& Darjeeling, Arunachal pradesh, Kullu manali.

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Parasailing is also known as Parascending activity. This is Best sports those who love flying & speed.

 Is parasailing Danger ? yes parasailing is considered danger. Two line failure is the cause of death & injury in parasailing accidents according to the National transportation safety board.

Top 5 Parasailing Sports in the Country Includes

Himachal pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala.

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Sky diving is a popular adventure sport on the adventure seekers list. This sport involves that falling from thousands of feet in the sky & landing with the help of Parachute. Hey … I m Inform To all the travellers, students & interesting the all peoples first of all you would be proper trained by professional trainers then provided with all safety gears before dropping from around 10, 000 feet.

There are 3 types of jumps in sky diving .

  • Tandem jump
  • Accelerated free fall
  • Static jump

Most Top Places for Sky Diving in India

Mysore ( Karnataka), Deesa ( Gujarat), Pondicherry ( Tamil Nadu ), Dhana ( Madhya pradesh ), Aamby Valley in ( Maharastra)


          Snorkelling is a water activity sport in which swimmer swims through the depth of the sea using snorkel,but diving mask attached with fins also.In which we float in the sea wearing a life jacket .(so being a swimmer or non swimmer doesn’t use is snorkelling.)

It is a activity performed to gets a depth of sea water including fishes, sea animals & coral. Is snorkelling risky ? No, it’s not until you wear the jacket & follow this instructions. Most experienced swimmer explore depth of the sea & remove this jackets.


Best 5 places to Experience Snorkelling in India-

Andaman Nicobar, Lakshadweep , Maharastra, Pondicheery, Karnataka,


      Great experience adventure sports.A hot air balloon is a lighter than air craft consisting bag, called an envelope, which contains heated air. Hot air balloon are an incredibly safe form of flight & they have become increasingly safe to overtime.

Hot air balloon rides in India is a new concept , and many people are unknown about it unlike west. Hot air balloon is not arrange to various places in the country.

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Best Destination Point to take Ride in a Hot Ballooning in India  

Uttar pradesh, Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka, Rajasthan, New Delhi , Himachal pradesh.


  Cave exploring also known as caving is the art of safely moving through a natural cave explores the cave is professional geological reasons, but the difference between caving  & spelunking one of the recreational & the other is scientific purposes. Equipment also need to wear a good helmet,a good headlamp, two backup light, caving suit, protective gear, & good caving boots & must essential tools compass & first aid, caving can be a  fun,good exercise , challenging an opportunities & full excitement mentally challenging  sports.


                                    Snow Boarding is recreational activity & winter Olympic sports that involves in to a snow covered slope. skiing is a winter sport an activity to body balance while skidding on the snow is a great rule of this sport.


Destination point of snow boarding in India 

Gulmurg, Solang, Pahalgam, Auli, Narkanda, Kurfi etc.


                            Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycle off road along rough terrain can be quite pumping. mountain biking is a fun & exciting way.

Ladakh is one of the top mountain biking destination in Indian Himalayas.


                     Rock climbing is the best adventures game. climb up rock mountains with all your muscular energy. Wear right gear, safety first things not to miss.

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Exect perfect places for rock climbing in India

Himachal pradesh, jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Hampi


                   Riders, wearing cleated shoes, run alongside the sled, pushing it to achieve maximum velocity. As it builds speed, the riders jump in, the driver in front and the brakeman, pushing the back of the sled, entering last. Its a slide down ice covered natural & artificial on a four runner sled know as Bobsledding. Bobsleigh is also dangerous. Eighteen per cent of bobsledders reported an injury, Bobsledding was developed in Switzerland in 1897 .

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     Bungee jumping is a most extreme sport . It is an activity that a person involves from a great height ,while connected to a large elastic cord. Bungee jumping can also cause spine injuries.

The first commercial Bungee jumping was started by Newzelander adventurer AJ. HSCKETT in 1989.

Best bungee jumping Location in India

Kunegaon, Lonavale, Bangalore, Goa, Chattisgarh, Rishikesh.


                Trekking means a form of walking. It is an old recreational activity of humans. India is a trekker hub with abundance of nature & innumerable opportunities around it. The specific purpose of exploring & enjoying the scenery. Three types of trekking which are as follows. many popular places for trekking & once before you turn go.

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Himachal pradesh is also the most Dangerous trekking Places in India.

Most Trekking Place in India

Ladakh, Himachalpradesh, Sikkim& North Bengal.

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