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4 Qualities of Virat kohli’s Success

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Now days everyone is fond of cricket. In cricket history there were always a legend player whose success story inspired others through there ERA of cricket; like Don Bradman,Viv Richards, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar.

After watching or reading about them- Do you think How they all became a legend player?

What is the reason behind their success which fans always admire or inspired by them?

Lets discuss

Legend players have not only Skills but they have some special qualities that distinguish them from other players.

 At the End of Sachin Tendulkar Era Another player started his journey towards Sachin’s path. The player from Delhi who came to India team and everybody comapared him with Sachin Tendulkar. Now you all have guessed which player I am talking about… Its VIRAT KOHLI .


So after Sachin Tendulkar Virat proved himself by his consistent performance.

There was a time when we waited for Sachin’s hundred and now we wait for Virat to make a hundred for the team. Virat kohli loves to chase the target when he is on the ground. former cricketers and fans call him:

The Run Machine

The Chase Master

Mr. Consistent

Virat kohli has many more names. In Virat’s Early days of cricket his performance gave him attention and also his behaviour. He was very aggresive before. Day by day his behaviour and game improved. After 2011 worldcup he knows that if you want to create your own brand then you have to polish yourself first.

How would he do that ???

By working on his skills and follow some qualities in his life


These 4 Qualities of Virat Kohli has put a big impact on his life. Now every body knows about Virat kohli’s Records, his Stats his Success. After he became captain of indian Cricket team these qualities of Virat Kohli affects on the team and players.

4 Qualities of Virat kohli’s Success:-

At morning 3:00AM a 18 years young Virat called his coach because he was not sure about continue his batting in Ranji match or not. He was sad because his father passed away that night. His dad had a dream that his son will play for team India oneday. the boy wanted to support his family and team both. Next day he scored 90 runs.


After watching his batting Venkatesh Prasad said “ it does not matter what he scored. it is matter that how he didnot overcome his emotions to himself.”  Now Today the records and success of virat kohli shows his dedication and hardwork.

1.Quest for Greatness

what we have seen the skill and intelligence of virat kohli on the field this was his hardwork of last 20 years. Virat was crazy about cricket in the age of 8.  Early morning he went to ground for trainning and at evening coach had to sent kohli forcefully. Daniel Vettori said “Virat always learn or discuss a lot from other players in IPL.”


Attitude is one of the best calibre in Virat kohli. That’s why his fans called him Fearless captain because of uncertain decision for the team. His under 12 coach said “Where other players care alot about failure. Virat does not care about failure.” Virat always excited about challenges and win about every problems he faced.


3.Mental Tenacity

Virat’s mom said after his dad’s funeral he had changed alot. After that he was more focused on his game. Because of this 3rd variety Virat kohli’s performance is very consistent. His average is above 50 in all 3 formats (ODI,Test,T20). He also learn a lot from MS Dhoni about how to focus and remian calm when he has high nerve. It reflexes in his captaicy now.

4.Consistency Discipline

This is the last and very important nature in virat’s qualities. Fitness is the prime goal for today’s generation which all the players followed from virat kohli. Captain kohli said,” Fitness decided your career that how long you contribute to the Nation.


When he wants to reduce his 12kg weight he changed his diet plan he felt very hungry that he thought he will eat the blanket. He said “if you have to perform consistently you have to be boring and discipline. its more like eat sleep train repeat.” 

Nobody is success in their life without hardworking and create principles for themselves. So basically these are the 4 qualities of virat kohli which he follows in his daily life and what he achieved till now we all know that.

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