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ULTRASAT, NASA set to lunch Israel’s 1st space telescope mission

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On Thursday, NASA will be launching Israel’s first space telescope, known as “ULTRASAT”. The telescope, which is being developed by Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, will be used to study black holes, dark matter, and other astronomical phenomena. Ultrasat, an ultraviolet observatory with a large field of view.

This is a great achievement for Israel and will help contribute to our understanding of the Universe. We are excited to see what discoveries Ultrasat will make in the coming years 2026.


Led by the israel space agency and Weizmann institute of science, ULTRASAT is planned for lunch into geostationary orbit around earth in early 2026. in addition to providing thre lunch service, NASA will also participate in the mission’s science programme. “ULTRASAT” will give the global science community another important capability for making new observations in the nascent field of time domain and multi messenger astrophysics programs.

ULTRASAT’s wide field of view will allow it to quickly discover and capture ultraviolet light from sources in the cosmos that change on short timescales. Researchers will combine ULTRASAT’s observations of these short-term events with information from a variety of other missions, including those studying gravitational waves and particles – a field known as time domain and multimessenger astronomy. The results will shed light on the workings of everything from black holes and gravitational wave sources to supernovae and active galaxies.

“Uri Oron, director of the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, highlighted the need for cutting-edge technology to support groundbreaking science. Their requirements from ULTRASAT, such as a wide field of view, advanced ultraviolet sensitivity, and real-time data control and transfer are at the forefront of technological developments. Israel’s space industry can deliver these capabilities. The Israel Space Agency is proud of the cooperation with NASA as a direct example of the strong partnership between the agencies, and of the Israeli space industry’s technological effort involved in the development of the telescope.”

 The agreement between NASA and the Israel Space Agency, NASA will provide the launch opportunity, Flight Payload Adapter, and other launch-related responsibilities for ULTRASAT. The Israel Space Agency will deliver the completed observatory to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida for launch.

The article concludes that the ULTRASAT is a powerful satellite that can be used to study the universe. However, more research is needed to determine its true potential. if you have any question about it , you can put into the comment box.

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