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Tips to live a stress free life

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Have you ever found yourself packed up with lot of important things and have to complete all of them in time and can’t manage it out ? Which becomes a stress for you.

But do you really know what is it and not getting any idea how to get out of it.

Come on lets check out some of the tips that can help you out and make you what it is actually is.

Stress is normal part of our day to day life, like as we can say the exam stress for the students or in the job life. it can affect to our health if we don’t have any solution to it, it could lead to depression. As we see now the advanced computerized technology has made people so busy that they have forgotten to take care of themselves. Everyone wants to live a stress free life without any worries, not only physical fitness is necessary but mental fit is also very important as being mentally fit can help us to do our work more actively and be conscious of what we are doing.

Stress is not so serious one if you know how to get out of it, but if it continues for a long term period it can cause severe affect to your health and can lead to mental depression.

Want to get rid of your stress??

do follow out some of the tips that will make you free. lets check out.

1. Waking up early

”Early to bed and Early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”

There is a lot of benefits of waking up early-It improves the concentration power, you can stay focused to your job.

If you wake up early you get more time to exercise which makes you fit all day long , it not only keeps you physically fit but mentally too. You too get more time to have your breakfast.

waking up early makes your whole day good and active.Doing Meditation also helps to increase the brain power to capture the things easily and very fast and keeps us stress free.


2. Accepting the challenges

Challenge-What is it?

Challenge is something that motivates one to do their works (as we can simply say to achieve the goal.

At some point we come across such path that we can’t choose what is wrong and what is right. which sometimes drops us in trouble situations. But anyhow we have to face the challenge if we really want to achieve anything in life.

Now as the Question arises What is the role of accepting the challenges, so come on lets have a look what is it its role in it.

Everyday in our life we face many challenges which makes us worry that we will able to face or not . Challenging activities is one of the most important role in stress free life as it motivates us .


Having a bunch of work and have to submit in proper time which becomes a stress for you that you will be able to submit it on the proper time or not, not getting any idea what to do, and it becomes a challenge for you, so just accept it you will surely reach to your goal and can complete in proper time and that’s all it becomes easy for you and you are out of stress.

3. Follow your dreams

‘’The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.’’

As I have noticed that the more I follow my dreams the more I am able to do my work happily.

you should do what you want to do not what others want to you to do. Dream is a collection of emotions , images.

Do you know one thing dreaming of something may it be achieving your goal or something else helps you out to be little bit relaxed because it motivates you and keeps you busy.


As we see now also in many places the girl child are not allowed to go to school they don’t get education instead they are got married.

So I should tell ‘’girls don’t listen to the world , just follow your dreams one day the people living in this world will see you fly high because now if you wont stand up for yourself then never. Always listen to what your heart say do what makes you happy not what others. Now I am happy as i my making my dream happen in reality that to be a journalist because I always listen to what my heart says.

4.Question Yourself

Many of us have many thoughts going on in our mind and sometimes we explore that thoughts out but ton some point it is right and to some point wrong.

question yourself

Lots of thoughts going in our mind makes our mind full of stress, so when any thoughts comes up in our mind we should first question ourselves is it right or wrong?

We should stay calm and think once and should always have positive attitude to everything.

5. Stay Focused

We should always stay focus to what we are doing without any distractions. We should the negative things coming to our mind like doing meditation keeps us away from the negative thoughts.

‘Concentration and staying focused should be the motto of our life. When we do our duty with full dedication and concentration then surely we get the success and helps us to complete the work in time and we give out the result as the best.

Therefore we should always remain focused on the goals that we want to achieve.



Now I hope we can live a life with no worries and no tension by following out the tips that we have discussed and can also see changes in yourself and you will also feel very much relaxed , being engaged in something and doing some challenging activities can too make our day good.

”No tension ”-”No worries”

”Think Positive”-”Focus on your Goal”

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