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Gautam Adani Now The World’s 2nd Richest Person

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On the Forbes real-time billionaire tracker, Indian businessman Gautam Adani momentarily overtook the richest person in the world on Friday, weeks after becoming the first Asian to enter the top three.

Adani Group's Chairman Gautam Adani
Source from Indiatimes

Mukesh Ambani and Adani now have a 40% larger gap between them. Ambani is rated eighth in the world with a net worth of $91 billion.

The market value of the whole portfolio of listed securities owned by the Adani Group at Friday’s closing was Rs 22.27 trillion ($278 billion), exceeding that of the Tata Group, which was valued at Rs 20.77 trillion ($260 billion). Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Group, which has a market valuation of Rs 17.16 trillion ($220 billion), is in third position.

Graph of Adani Group Stocks Account
Source from Business Standard News

With a net worth of $251 billion, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is now ahead of Adani. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is third with a net worth of $153 billion.

Adani’s net worth increased to $113 billion just last month, overtaking Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to move him up to the fourth-richest position.

But, Adani’s quick entry into capital-intensive industries has also sparked financial concerns. Last week, CreditSights, a division of Fitch Group, reiterated that they “remain worried over the Adani Group’s leverage.”

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