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How does the Online Food Ordering System Work? A Case Study.

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Food System

The online ordering system is one of the most important & fastest growing marketing strategic. This system is potentially by the internet – it is the internet that connects the restaurant or the food company on one hand, and the customer on another hand.

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People are dependent on their mobile phones for every work. It is to buy something for household work or the work of paying for mobile or electricity bill all the works are to be managed on mobile phones using mobile applications.

The Online Ordering System can be defined as an easy and suitable way for customers to buying food online, without having to go to the restaurant.

This system for online food delivery is perfectly safe, secure and is a very popular method.

Top Food Delivery Apps in India

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Nowadays, people find less time to cook with their busy schedule, even I also, hope you also feel so. Working on the issue, some of the companies are allowing us to get cooked food delivered at our place with few clicks by using food delivery apps.

They have developed a quick ordering platform by engaging humans on work. The complete flow is written later part of the article.

Now, look at the market, who are doing a better job with this online food ordering systems.

Top food delivery apps for restaurants are as follows:

1) Zomato:

It is also a food app that provides food ordering and delivery system. Zomato is available in nearly 25 countries all over the world. It can also be a good platform to search for an online restaurant.

2) Swiggy:

It is the most top-rated apps in our country. It’s corporate office located in India in Bengaluru. More than 1,500,000 downloads from the play store.

Except Zomato & Swiggy, Foodpanda, Ubereats, Fassos, are also popular food delivery apps but they are not able to gain the market share. As a result, Zomato has recently taken over uber eats.

Let’s quickly understand, how the system works.

How does the Online Food Ordering System Work?

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Step 1: 

First using a customer mobile app & browse your food menu on the smartphone. Then select items & quantity to make a food order & pay for the order via mobile app. Now they can track the order from their account. Tracking of the order shows all the information like Order received by the restaurant, Food is in preparation, picked up by the agent & confirmation on the delivery of the order.

Step 2:

During the food is prepared, Restaurant staff can hand over order delivery to the nearest available delivery guy manually or the delivery guy sees the order in his delivery guy app and can assign himself to deliver the order.

Step 3:

Delivery boy reaches the restaurant and picks off the order for delivery to the customer given address. Customers can see the delivery boy with an estimated time of arrival on the map interface.

Step 4: Order will be delivered to the customer address.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants?

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  1. Online Food Ordering Demand is credible:

The online food ordering demand is real and genuine. There are no fake orders as it requires the customers, They have to enter their details such as mail id, mobile number, etc. offering online food ordering shows a modern image of your restaurant in front of the customers.

2. Online Food Ordering provides More Profits:

Online food ordering helps your customers to order their favourite food easily without any problem. Without any stress to place and get their orders they are more interested in looking after the different menus Customer have all the time to review the menu and make additional selections. Customers also have exciting offers and coupons.

3.More purity in Food Orders:

 Online food ordering helps in eradicating the errors that occur while placing orders on phones. Many times, due to some technical issues or loud noise in the restaurant or for any other reasons the employee takes the wrong orders. So the customers angry and dissatisfied, wastage of food, etc. In online ordering, there are no chances of such errors as the customer places the order by himself and he is the only responsible person if any mistake occurs. Also, everything is in writing.

4. You can interact with Customers:

 Many times the restaurant people think that if they use online ordering then they may lose the individual interaction among their staff members and their visitors. They won’t be talking with the staff on the phone but they need to speak to the person who is picking-up their order and delivering their food. These communications are done without any hurry. Therefore, your employees can concentrate more on providing customer satisfaction by serving them delicious food and a good experience.

As we all know, technology has brought many revolutions in the world and changed the way human beings used to live in ancient times. Like everything else, mobile technology has gifted us a lot whereas it has killed the mobility of humans.

Utilising the latest online ordering technology for your restaurant will also help you to tap into an extensive customer base which beliefs in ‘online way’. Online ordering will boost your creativeness by dispossessing the inadvisable process of taking orders. It will help you to plan and instrumentation an adaptive marketing action.



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