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World’s First Supermodel Robot Cafe To Open In Dubai

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Dubai’s Donna Cyber-Cafe, scheduled to open in 2023, will serve coffee to customers using a “supermodel” robot. A supermodel robot will be used at Dubai’s Donna Cyber-Cafe to serve clients. Robo-C2 is the name given to the robot. The manufacturer is RDI Robotics. It will be able to carry on conversations, recall client names, recognize emotions, and save other company data. The robot is regarded as having a feminine and laid-back disposition.

World's First SupermodelRobot Cafe To Come Up In Dubai With No Human Employees
Source from Twitter

It’s not unusual for cafes to have waiters who are robots; it happens all around the world. But picture a cafe with only a robot working there—nobody else. Would it be advantageous if they resembled real people or, say, were as attractive as supermodels?

Here’s how the supermodel waiters will look:

Dubai to have the world's first supermodel cafe with no human employees
Source from India Times

Having a waiter robot in a cafe is not a novel concept; it is being implemented all over the world. Consider a cafe with only a robot and no human employees. Does it matter if they resemble real people or are as attractive as supermodels? Maybe.

In yet another attempt to create something unique in the world, Dubai will soon open the world’s first supermodel cafe with no human employees. So far, here’s what we know.

The cafe will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will employ not just any robot to serve customers, but a supermodel robot. Along with the supermodel robot, there will be self-serve ice cream machines and coffee machines controlled by robot arms.

While the first Donna Cyber-location Café’s is unknown, it has been reported that the country will see more of these cafes in the near future. It will not be the first and only time.

The creators also stated that the robot has a “easygoing and feminine” personality. The robot is also programmed to be ironic to give it an edge.
Furthermore, the robot can remember customers and even store company information. It can also hold conversations and even tell stories.
Aside from human-like characteristics, the robot also resembles humans due to its silicone skin and realistic eyes.
Are you excited? Will robots outperform humans? What do you think?

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