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How Coronavirus impact the Digital marketing And E-commerce Industry

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These days, the entire world is scared of the Corona outbreak. More than 208  countries are infected with the pandemic Coronavirus and it is spreading tremendously with each passing day.

Along with impacting human life, Corona has started impacting the global economy as the countries are forced to declare locked down the cities and states to save people from the pandemic.

The world’s leading economies are going down as the businesses are shut down for almost 6 weeks. There are many industries such as manufacturing, retail, and more where the daily operations take place with the physical presence of the employees. These industries are not able to operate effectively in this situation.

Compared to such industries, online businesses such as digital marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, technology service providers, etc. do not need to shut down their operations completely. They allow employees to work virtually from remote locations as they have to perform most of the operations through internet connectivity.

Well, this doesn’t mean the digital businesses are not impacted by corona. Let’s a great challenge faced by technology companies, digital marketing agencies and e-commerce businesses in this outbreak.

Digital marketing conferences and events have been cancelled

digital marketing cancellation

Due to corona, all the major marketing events including Facebook’s Global Marketing Summit and Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, and more have been called off.

Attendees are going to bear a considerable cost as they need to register quite in advance to attend such a large scale event.

Not only that, but the event organizers are also going to lose opportunities to crack potential deals and make essential product announcements. They are going to bear the cost of events space cancellation. When the large events are cancelled, organizers cannot get the money back.

E-commerce supply chains can take to Navigated the coronavirus pandemic

E-commerce supply chain system has disturbed due to subsequent factory closure because of an extensive expansion of Coronavirus in the key nations across the world. The marketers have analyzed that more people will shop online as they cannot go out to shop for the basic necessities.

It is also observed that online buyers are active during daypart. It is unusual as shoppers don’t typically browse during this time. 

ecommerce chain

Moreover, the physical stores that have e-commerce stores are getting more business in the lockdown situation. Businesses with online stores might not see the same impact as physical stores unless the situation becomes too severe.

For example; in the Corona infected countries, people cannot go out to buy groceries, vegetables, medicines, and other basic necessities. In such a situation, they can use online shopping apps to get the grocery and vegetables delivered at their doorstep.

Have you noticed the downloads of the online food and medicine delivery app? Let me tell you the usage of online grocery apps, online vegetable apps, online medicine apps, etc. has increased tremendously.

In the e-commerce domain, consumer front is completely digitized where customers can select a product, place an order, and make a payment. However, it’s a challenge for vendors to deliver the products at the doorstep of the customers in this pandemic situation. You can get some ideas of how to improve your e-commerce store in these times from this article.

Due to the strict locked down across the nations, the supply chain has been already disturbed. Thus, on this time product delivery is the biggest concern for the e-commerce industry during this Corona time.

Digital marketing is security due to its Giddiness

Digital marketing is one of the better performing business domains and acts as a safeguard against some of the consequences of coronavirus. They are operating successfully with a bit less profit margin. 

The digital marketing agencies can leverage possibilities to freeze different variables like marketing budgets as a part of the reactive strategy. According to a report of WARC, the global advertising spend will rise to $660 billion and the internet advertisement will grow by 13.2% by 2020.

Technology companies allow employees to work from  home remotely

remotely work form home

All the small to large scale technologies companies are allowing employees to work from home.  Google USA has allowed its employees of North America unit that they can work from home until April 10, 2020.

Even leading mobile app development companies like Credencys took social responsibility and allowed its employees to work from home once the corona pandemic outbreak has started in India.

Undoubtedly, working remotely enables employees with next-level flexibility and better efficiency. But, when the employees work in isolation, creativity and problem-solving ability get affected due to the lack of in-person or group collaboration. Face-to-face meetings are the best way to address any issue with more clarity and quickly.

Allowing employees to work from home, the tech organizations aim to minimize the socialization as much as possible and contribute the stop this outbreak spreading across the city, state or nation.

fight against the disease which takes the life of many people also for those who sacrifice their life by saving others.


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