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Actually the fact is people think it is very easy to make their own planted aquarium tank at home.

Is it true ?

If i say its easier ? Yes ofcourse its very easy to make . Setting of planted aquarium can be little confusing for the beginners but its ok everything does not work perfectly on first attempt so thats the reason i will guide you from initially to end.

Planted Aquarium Set Up


  • Aquarium Tank
  • Substrates
  • Driftwood
  • Stones & Rock
  • Plants
  • Heater
  • Lighting

Was there any difficulty to get this..?

If yes i will explain you below

1.Aqurium Tank : You can select any tank from your locality pet shop but your Tank must be small or normal size of 1ft to 2ft long beacuse the smaller or normal size Aquarium Tank the more attractive and more natural it will look. And if you want to save more money on pet shop then you can purchase glasses from the hardware store and make your tank by yourself at home by using the best quality of sillicon !

sillicon and glasses for planted aquarium

2.Pick The Best Substrates To Set Up Planted Aquarium Tank: Choosing substrates for Non -Planted Aquarium is so easy – Just pick any of the gravel at low cost only for decoration purpose

So why those gravel dont work for Planted Aquarium ?

The answer is so simple ; Beacause Plants Need Nutreints to Survive just like human needs food to survive

Why You Need Substrate? Below are the common reasons why you need substrates for set up planted aquarium

  •  1.Good Looking – Lets be realistic. The main reason people use a substrate is because it enhances the look of the planted aquarium.
  • 2. It’s Natural – By using a substrate, you are creating a more natural environment for your fish. Beacuse ultimately your plants get nutrients from the soil and that plants will help your fishes by producing oxygen for them so its all Natural.
  • 3. Enhances Your Fish – You can use the substrate to make your fish pop. Dark fish are easier to see on a light-colored substrate while light-colored fish are easier to see on a dark substrate.
  • 4.Plants need it – Plant roots need to go somewhere. Without a substrate, your plants will float to the top of your tank.
Planted aquarium substrates

Many types of substrates are available in the market but you have to choose the best one for your Planted Aquarium so your plants never die and they get better nutrients and grow healthy which keeps yours fishes happy to survive!

From my opinion you should use Amazonia Ada Nature Aquarium which is the best substrates

  • Premium substrate for aquarium plants and shrimp
  • Lowers ph and kh
  • Granule size “normal” – 9l bag
  • Rich in organic acids and nutrients
  • Stimulates root growth in aquatic plants

aquarium driftwood use to look more nattural look in planted aqaurium

3.Adding Driftwoods To Your Aquarium Tank: Ussually people add driftwood to their planted aquarium so its look more natural and original.It is the best aquarium decor.

Before placing the driftwood think where it will look more attractive whether you place it on the corner or in centre.

After determining where to place the driftwood you should properly clean it because its contains dirts. Use a clean brush to scrub the driftwood but do not use any soap or chemicals this will make poison to your Planted Tank.

Keep the driftwood under the water if the driwftwood floats then use a trick to keep stable your driftwood using stones by giving supports !

stones and rocks for your planted aquarium to look more natural

4.Stones And Rock: The purpose of using stones and rock to give excellent and natural look to your Planted Aquarium Tank. You can buy different types of stones and rock near your local aquarium shops but be aware that not all rocks are suitable. Certain rocks may contain dangerous metals or minerals which will leech into the water over time and kill your aquatic animals. Aquarium shops are aware of this and sell stones which are either man-made or natural which will be Aquarium Safe

stones and rocks for your planted aquarium to look more natural

Here are some PRECAUTIONS to remember

If you are collecting rocks or stones from the forest then you have to be very careful because rock cointains  glitter with a metallic glint as this may be metal which is dangerous to aquatic life.

One further test is to use an acid, like clear table vinegar and drip some into a small pool on the surface of the stone, leave for five minutes and see if the area has fizzed as the vinegar dissolves the stone. If it does, do not use this stone.

5. Live Plants For Planted Aquarium: There are many live plants are using to make planted aquarium but for the begginers i will suggest you always start with the basic so that you easily understand every knowledge that i am sharing with you.

We use live plants because keeping planted aquarium tank are now most popular hobby for fish lovers and even everyone ! And it is rapidly growing segment of aquarium hobby. It enhance the beauty of nature with benefit of balanced ecosystem

For begginers you can use below given live plants to your Planted Aquarium to enhance its beauty

live plants for your planted aquarium
  • Java Moss
  • Java Fern
  • Amazon Sword
  • Anacharis
  • Hornwort

These are the best live plants for the begginers because its almost impossible to kill and their growth are so fast and easy to maintain.

Benefits of live plants:

  • The quality of water improves its appearance and look so clean and help prevent algae growth by the help of nutrients produced by fish waste & uneaten foods.
  • Naturally produce oxygen to the fishes and helps stabilize pH,in turn, fish release CO2 which plants use a food source.
  • Fishes are feel so safe which encourage them to stay and develop more vivid colours.
  • They can easily have their reproduction process.
  • A well planned & maintained planted aqaurium will provide years of enjoyment & relaxation

Drawbacks of having live plants

  • It is expensive
  • Need proper planning
  • Special attention should be paid to tank,dimension ,lighting,substrates,fertilizers etc.

6.Heater : Plants are generally grow strong & healthy temprature between 73 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, but different plants have slightly different heating needs.

Planted Aquarium Heater

 Keeping the temperature fairly constant is important in planted aquariums because plants often cannot tolerate sudden changes in temperature. so using a thermostat is a good idea to help keep the temperature at a constant level.

You must keep the heater ON for a minimum of 6 hours a day in winter season but in summer season you dont need any heater to use. Heaters should provide about 1 watt per liter of water in unheated rooms and 0.5 watts per liter in normally heated rooms.

In nature the substrate is usually warmer than the water, and the use of heating cables can simulate this in the planted aquarium.

7.Lightning: Lightning is the most important factor when growing aquarium plants. Without it, your plants simply won’t be able to grow.

LED light for the planted aquarium

Deciding how much light you need over your aquarium depends on a number of factors ! The plants you would like to grow, how fast you would like them to grow, whether or not you’re injecting CO2 into your aquarium, and how much time your are prepared to dedicate to maintaining your plants.

The amount of light is not only important for the fish and plants within the tank but also for easy viewing and to bring out the bright and vibrant colours of fish.

Plants in the aquarium need light to photosynthesise and will die without sufficient levels

In my opion even iam using the LED lights. LED lights are good for planted aquarium to grow the plants.

Here i explained all my ideas and suggestions related to How To Set Up Planted Aquarium now you can add your fishes and enjoy it. I hope this article may help you !

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