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Actual Reasons behind Tiktok ban,Next to be banned pubG…

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Tiktok,the highest downloaded app on playstore is under controversy

TikTok,the new sensation among teenagers,the highest downloaded app on playstore is under controversy because of encouraging pornography and negative content.Apple and Google like company already blocked this app from playstore.Anyway banning of app like TikTok and pubG is important in 21st century. Read the complete article to know more…

So friends what is Tiktok?why people are crazy about it?How it took the market?And now Why it is Banned?

TikTok is one among the short video making apps.Bytedance is it’s parent company.It is named as before.It is first launched in china as DOUYIN in september 2017.Then ByteDance company buys this 15 seconds frameapp for nearly $1 billion.Then it became popular outside china and named asTiktok. reaches 100 million monthly active users on june 2018. TikTok got 500 million monthly active users in June.In India also TikTok got many users.Facebook CEO  Mark zukerberg tried to buy Tiktok but then imitate.Tiktok has it’s 5.4 crore users in India.

So why there is so much craze among people for it.Because this app contains short and trending music,and trending movie dialouges in which people can make small videos and do lipsync and dance.That attracted and engaged people so much,mostly teenagers of our country.

Then why it got banned ???

Every coin has it’s both side.Some people misused it.Firstly TikTok got banned in indonesia for negative content.Then it is banned in India on 18 April 2019.It is banned because of encouraging pornographic videos.Also one guy did suicide.some people forced him to do tiktok videos wearing a girl’s dress.Also one guy killed while making tiktok videos with his friends holding pistol.Also people think it is waste of time and people are doing anything to be viral.Also one guy died while making tiktok videos sitting on bike.So this is banned on 18th of April.15th of April court has decided to ban it but still was on hold.But finally on 18th it is removed from playstore.