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India Records 4th Death- Situation under Control

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coronavirus 12345

As a single change matters in the toll, India just added another death to its corona virus count.

The total number of positive cases of COVID-19 in India stands at 167 (including 25 foreigners), 4 deaths (1 each) in Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab and Maharashtra, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announces.

But, report says, India is still doing better for its prompt precaution and creating nation wide awareness. The spread rate is not yet reached the community as the word data says. We are still at the 2nd stage of the effect.

Thanks to all our citizens who understood the situation and acted very well to stop spreading. We need to continue this for more more weeks and then we are back to normal situation to have a long life.

Keep spreading awareness and help others, old people not to get affected by the invisible enemy.

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