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6000 Mobile goes missing in Tamil Nadu


As many as 600 cell phone towers in Tamil Nadu have inexplicably disappeared since the COVID-19 outbreak started in 2020.

The mobile phone tower installation company has its corporate office in Mumbai and a regional office in Chennai’s Purasavakkam. According to reports, the corporation installed and maintained 26,000 mobile phone towers in India. In Tamil Nadu alone, more than 6,000 mobile phone towers have been set up.

More than 600 towers had vanished, it was discovered in later examinations of Tamil Nadu’s non-operational mobile phone towers. The victim company claims that the enigmatic gang specifically took advantage of the COVID-19 closure to seize its unmanned and unattended mobile phone towers.

Due to significant losses, the private tower service company discontinued operations earlier in 2018. The nation’s mobile phone towers lost their ability to provide network service as a result. The businesses in charge of monitoring it were unable to visit the tower site during the COVID-19 period to do monitoring and maintenance while these mobile towers in Tamil Nadu were not in use.

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