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There are abundance of visual wonders. The only thing is to make people fall for the places through your lens. Instagram the photo-sharing app is the ideal platform for millennials to share pictures and even run a blog. Be it food, travel destinations or restaurants every corner  serves as a instagram click worthy spot.

Are you a travel freak ….no let me make it more clear, a photo freak,Then this is the apt place for you because I am going to share the secret of winning hearts with some instagram click worthy spots that will make you feel like a celebrity among your instagram fam-bam……

That hawa hawai feeling  with millions of people turning the  blue icon white…who doesn’t want it……

Impatient faces don’t kill me for making you wait ,I am just about to  break the suspense and share some magical spots that will drive more followers ,more double taps on your pics.


Then scroll down…..


1.Jamjar Diner, Versova beauty

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Wanna turn your Monday blues to monday hues then this is the place.No it is not just about Monday you can visit this place any day between 9AM to 1AM .Situated in Arram Nagar,Yari Road, Versova, Andheri West in Mumbai,it is  favourite of every Instagram blogger. The colourful and quirky décor, makes the restaurant a picture perfect location. The colourful mosaic tiles, bright blue paint and the tilted wine racks the outdoor seating area make you feel that this restaurant was made for instagram .You can enjoy a hearty meal once done with the pictures. Their vast menu includes American,Italian,Mexican cuisines along with salads and burgers.
After a scrumptious meal,and wonderful clicks lets move to another place and check the specialty of that spot.

2. Settled in the laps of Himalaya-Darjeeling  A sweet little town nestled amidst hills

OMG! Just look at the above  place ,speechless right, how can a place be so beautiful with nature playing a major role. With views of the majestic Himalayas on one side and sprawling tea-gardens on the other, the place looks like something right out of a fairy tale. Click a picture in the beautiful tea gardens,With its tea gardens and toy trains running around the hills, this place makes cute pictures for your insta feed. The lush fields give a green backdrop making a frame naturally beautiful. March to June is the ideal time to visit this place and click some breathtaking pictures.

 A cuppa, what say, come on, You are in Darjeeling my friend ,do not forget to sip Darjeeling tea even though the people present there ask you to fill the baskets with tea leaves in return (just kidding….)

3. Immerse yourself in the colours of Udaipur

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Ambrai Ghat

Amazed by the beauty, Well you are in the land of kings. With mesmerizing lakes, larger than life hotels and its romantic vibes Udaipur is truly one of the most exotic and beautiful location . Not to forget, it is home to some of the most instagrammable pictures which act as a source of major attraction for travel buffs. Ambrai Ghat is the most photogenic place in Udaipur. The best pictures get shot in the daytime as well as night.A combination of vibrant blue sky and  the location itself gives a perfect click for Instagram.The scintillating views of nature and heritage palaces surrounds the artificial freshwater lake Lake Pichola. It is a delight for all travelers  as one can capture the beauty of the old city in a single frame.Udaipur  is also home to some of the famous hindi serials that have been shot here.

Are not these places insta ready or let me be more particular “Instagram click worthy spots”

4.Pangong Lake of Ladakh- Dream Captured in a snowglobe

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Shimmering with snow capped mountains, beautiful monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, deserted landscape and smiling locals makes this ex-Buddhist kingdom,located in Ladakh one of the best places in India for clicking pictures. The crystal blue water and the mountains give an amazing shot for a frame. The place is filled with picturesque places. The enchanting Pangong Lake has pearls all over the ground. The beauty of this place cannot be portrayed in words,You need to see it,capture it in your  lens to feel it .Best time to visit Ladakh is May to September .
So hurry up before the monsoon arrives

5.Wayanad in  Kerala -A perfect stay away from the mundane life

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Image result for wayanad

Cold winds, clear skies and endless cups of garma garam chai . Life is set.Situated amidst lush greenery, the natural beauty of this place is enthralling and it’s silent, slow-paced life  is admirable. You’ll find every nook and corner Instagrammable.Walking through the sprawling spice plantations ,comfortable resorts home stays ,enchanting waterfalls are some of the things you can do to get a taste of Wayanad  This wonderful place is guaranteed to please your travel senses.

6. Rann of Kutch-White sands and a camel ride? Sounds like a dream

rann of kutch

Raise your hands,if you are fan of telly shows,no, no worries,This place is surely going to make you love the telly shows,because many hindi telly shows are shot here.Rann of Kutch is a gem sitting in plain sight and it is a place highly recommended  to anyone looking to plan their next travel.

The white sands, the simple life and breathtaking sunsets will leave you in awestruck.The white desert of India may be a barren land in Gujarat but this barren land farm is every inch perfect for the Instagram worthy snap.

Either it be  the beautiful sight to look at, or seeing white sand spread out and taking a walk over it is an experience you cannot put into words or just the look that is unreal and magical from above, Rann of kutch has something that can lure travelers into its magical spell. Imagine you clicking a silhouette picture as preferred by many due to its backdrop extending to the limit one can see! Just a single word for it “PERFECT” .On a full moon,  It is so magical and beautiful that you just can’t resist your camera battery draining out! Best time to visit this place is November to February.
Oh yes,donot forget to see the Rann Utsav, a Carnival of Music, Dance, nature beauty of White Rann and much more than that when visit under the full Moon. . which  is worth watching, plus a lots of impressive sights to capture on your camera reel.

7.Gangtok, Sikkim Where Tranquility And Divinity Blend


Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places in India  that has a culture so rich you would love to flaunt on your profile. Its lush greenery topped up with emerald water and mountains make it one-of-its-kind. Visit Sikkim and explore Yumthang valley, Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok, Nathula Pass, and Pelling. Experience peace and tranquility while exploring Buddhist monasteries, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife sanctuaries. It is truly a bliss amidst the hills.To capture the true  charm of this high-altitude town, visit here either during summers or autumn, and click maximum pictures during the day light. Perfect for an Insta-worthy vacay!

There’s something new and alluring  in every corner which can turn into a instagram click worthy spot be it hill stations,dessert or ghats or the cute and pretty cafes or restaurants, we just need to  take an extra mile for glamming up our Instagram profile. So what are you guys  waiting for, get ready and head towards the above mentioned amazing destinations to have a surreal experience and capture the captivating beauty with your enticing smiles.

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