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Earn 75$ per month

Facebook Research App-(Earn 5$ to 75$ per month easily)

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Facebook Research App-(Earn 5$ to 75$ per month easily)


facebook research app


Hello friends, Today I will share the most popular trick, how to earn money from Facebook Research App. Yes, you can make minimum 5$(Rs 340 approx) and there is no upper limit of earnings.


What is Facebook Research App?

Let’s get started. As you all know that there are many apps which provide money if we install their app on our mobile. These apps collect all the data of the users and then sale the data to get money. As I know that this time you can’t save your data because there are many apps which collect our data without telling us. You can search for these apps on Google. Nowadays Facebook is having trouble collecting data because of government involvement. So, Facebook has started Facebook Research App Social Media Paid Research Project. Facebook will give you money if you install their app on your mobile.

The research app will be generating statistics about how participants use their phone and mobile apps and will gather data including website URLs, general app usage, data usage, and other general trends in order to improve the user experience.



How You Make Money?

Once installed, you will be paid for each month, if the application remains installed and active on your phone.

In addition to being paid for your participation, you will also be paid every month for every participating referral you provide. If you refer even just 5 friends to the project within 30 days of joining the program, you could earn up to $75 per month for just keeping the application installed!

The best part? There is no limit to how many referrals you can provide! Refer 5, 10, 100 or more friends and see your monthly payout increase with every referral that joins!

How to Join the Program?

  1. You must have a PayPal account (If you don’t have, then go to )
  2. Then you need to apply for Facebook Research Project 
  3. To Apply for the project, fill the Facebook Research App Form
  4. You can share your Full Name & PayPal registered email id in the below comment box
  5. I will invite you to the program (May take 24hours, due to rush)
  6. Then, you will get an email (regarding Facebook Research App and don’t forget to check your promotion inbox)
  7.  In the email , you will get the link to download the app and verification code (note-verification code is unique and must associate with your email id only)
  8. Then download the app and install it, by following the instructions on the screen and allow the app to run at back end of the mobile.
  9. Keep the app running and active, the synchronization will start immediately you allow grant access to your mobile. (Restart mobile, if you don;t see the Synchronization) 
  10. You will get another confirmation email and after that enjoy earning money
  11. So keep referring and keep earning.

This project has been started in April, 2018 and there is no confirmed end date, as its a very long project. So we have a great opportunity to make more money from this.

Happy Earnings ! and Keep Referring !

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