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13 Anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks

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New Delhi : On the 13 Anniversary of the 16/11 Mumbai attacks, A senior diplomat from the high commission of Pakistan in India was summoned by the Ministry of external Affairs today. A note Verbale reiterating India’s call for an expeditious trial in the Mumbai terror attacks case, and calling on the Government of Pakistan to abide by its commitment to not allow territories under its control for terrorism against India was handed over to him,” the MEA statement read.

India called it a ” matter of deep anguish” that Pakistan has shown little sincerity in bringing the perpetrators to justice, even 13 years after the incident.

The MEA statement also pointed to a former Pakistan Prime Minister (Yusuf Raza) being on record to say that the conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan, and the attackers too were Pakistani nationals.

This is not just a matter of Pakistan’s accountability to the families of the innocent victims who fell to terrorists, but also an international obligation ,the MEA said.

166 people were killed in the Mumbai terror attacks of November 26,2008, unleashed by 10 Lashkar terrorists from Pakistan.National of US, Israel and several other countries were among the dead.

Several events were organised in memory of the 26/11 martyrs in Mumbai and elsewhere. Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered the victims in his Constitution Day speech at a function in Parliament.Home minister Amit Shah, foreign minister S Jaishankar and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also tweeted on the occasion.

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