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KIKI- do you love me challenge

“Kiki” Challenge Has Taken Over The World

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We all just need a chance to dance on any song and this new song by Drake “In My Feelings” has got us grooving on it! Oho, the “Kiki” wala song, yaar.

This new track has taken over the internet by storm and people can’t help but make em’ moves on this track.

You gotta see the world going craaaazy after this one.

Well, this all began when the comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself



And then the dance version of Adah sharma  was awesome as hell!


 But hey hey! Wait. No one can ever beat us DESIS WHEN IT COMES TO DANCING. HELL YEAH, BRO.



we’re sure about one thing that Drake’s magic has swoon you away. Have you participated? If not then go ahead and we might just feature your version of “In My Feelings.”